After Hours

Peguis Child and Family Services provide 24-hour emergency services for the protection of children. Designated Child and Family Services and Support Staff both on and off reserve rotate on an on call schedule to handle child welfare crisis/emergencies.

After hours staff is available 5:00 pm – 9:00 am Monday to Friday evenings, 24 hours 7 days weekends and holidays.

To access on reserve, call 645-2049 or toll free at 1 877 777 2049 or in Winnipeg call 632-5404 or toll free at 1 877 632 5404.

Province Wide Agency Intake & After Hours Listing

Every region in Manitoba has one agency that is assigned the responsibility for intake services and is termed a Designated Intake Agency. That agency acts on behalf of all four Authorities to conduct the Authority Determination Protocol in order to determine which Authority is responsible for ongoing services, if necessary. Designated Intake Agencies also provide regular ongoing child and family services on behalf of the Authority that governs them. In Winnipeg, there is a separate agency that provides intake services only, called the Joint Intake Response Unit.